Van Helsing (Season 1 and Season 2)

Ratings (3 out of 5) – Season 1
Ratings (2.5 out of 5) – Season 2

A typical SYFY network show which takes place in Seattle (we all know that is code for Canada).  Van Helsing has an interesting story lines, but spends more time in the drama than with the vampires.

Plot:  There is a massive set of volcano explosions which blocks out the sun, allowing vampires to come out and take over the earth.  3 Years later in the vampire world, Vanessa (aka sleeping beauty) awakes from her death/coma and has the ability to turn vampires human again.

Season 1

What I Liked:  Moved relatively quickly through various issues.   Vanessa wakes up, they rescue people, there is conflict between the groups, everybody turns on each other.  Your standard post apocalypse plot lines.

I enjoyed the backstories with the flashbacks before the “Rising” and how they all came to be to this point.  Some characters weren’t covered in the backstory but that probably is for season 2.

The concept of a human turning vampires by biting them was really interesting.  When no one believed she could turn vampires and then had to prove it in a battle against a friend that had been turned, classic good cheesy SYFY.

The story about Mohammed sister’s and how she being a human helps the vampire in exchange for a nice room and food was good exploration into people as a whole.  I have read somewhere human nature is to survive and someone will always betray the group in prison situations.

What I Didn’t Like:  The serial killer in the group was a bit strange of a plot line.  This establishes the plot line for season 2.  It lead to an unnecessary set of killings and necessarily harsh eviction of a group without any weapons.

There are so many things I didn’t understand.  Why didn’t the doctor do more to understand about Vanessa’s blood and use it as a weapon/cure?  Why didn’t Vanessa just bite more vampires?  They were hooked on killing rather saving people.

Vanessa’s central focus on her daughter was just annoying.  There were so many people around her to be saved and she had such great power, that I didn’t like her character at all.

Conclusion:  There were quite a few good little areas in between all the melodrama.  I enjoyed Season 1 enough to watch Season 2.

Season 2

What I Liked:  The added character of Scarlett Harker was much needed and a great character.  She carries around her swords and chops the heads off of vampires.  Scarlett adds fun and humor to the show.  Her and Axel as they pair off made a good on screen couple, and again lightened the mood of the show.

The ex-vampire Julius is a good character.  Plays the tough sidekick to Vanessa which lightens up the mood a bit, which was needed since Vanessa is such a sour puss.

The last two episodes were much improved over the middle set of episodes in this season.  The team was back together at Crooked Falls fighting against new type of vampires.  There was purpose in what the characters were doing and not fighting each other.

What I Didn’t Like:  The story with Sam is old.  He turned into a vampire, let him go away.  I didn’t like the storyline when they created in Season 1 and now they are doubling down.  I started fast forwarding through some of these bits, because it was so boring.  The worst part is the battle with Sam, Vanessa and Julius.  They defeat every other vampire with ease, but Sam lives.  Aagh, it ruined the whole episode for me.

Wish the doctor would die.  She is not a likable character and the relationship between her and Axel just gets old after a while.  Watching them argue with each other was so old, that I started fast forwarding through these bits.

Tired of Flesh and his gal Lucky.  He turned into such a whiny character.  Unless they were fighting vampires, I was fast forwarding through this couple.

All of a sudden Vanessa becomes the biggest dupe on planet earth.  The meanest and most cynical person alive is going to believe the scientists.  This part was poorly written.

Conclusion:   Same material as Season 1 but drags a lot more.  Have the remote handy to fast forward through large chunks.  They probably could have cut 2 episodes from this season and it would have been a better show.