Errementari – Need to Buy Some Chickpeas!

Ratings (3 out of 5)

Errementari entertains and keeps the audience connected to the characters through the end of the movie and an interesting take on one of the oldest European folktales.

Beware:  1)  The move is dubbed and the dubbing can be disconcerting at times.  2) I watched with subtitles and the subtitles did not match exactly what was being said which was really weird.

Plot:  A little girl Usue (Uma Bracaglia) stumbles into the blacksmith’s Paxti (Kandido Uranga) house where Paxti holds a demon in a cage.  Paxti has made a deal devil and the demon was there for his soul.  The villagers come to rescue Usue but mistakenly release the demon.

What I Liked:  Paxti shows Usue different ways to torture the demon, Sartael, some of which I have never heard.  The one that was the most interesting was the demons compulsion to count chickpeas.  Then of course, at the end of the movie, the various items are used in the final battle.


There are two plot lines you see coming but still enjoy anyway.  They executed  aligning Usue’s and Paxti’s story together well and intertwined their stories for the finale.  Another demon is revealed later in the movie which again ties everything together well.

I enjoyed how Sarteal gets away in the end and tells the tale of the Devil and the Blacksmith.

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What I Didn’t Like: The villagers are thinly constructed characters and wish the director would have established the relationship between Paxti and villagers more.

The final scene as Paxti battles the demon seemed relatively easy and quick.  Either increase the difficulty of the final battler or extend the scenes the scenes before the battle, and then cut to how it all ends.

Conclusion:  A story similar to Pan’s Labryinth but I wasn’t as invested in the Usue to the same degree as Ofelia in Pan’s Labyrinth.  If you like folklore and demons, this isn’t a bad movie.