Green Book – What A Good Film

Rating (4 out of 5)

A good wholesome and entertaining movie.  We all came out of the theaters with smiles on our face.

Plot:  A street wise Bronx Italian Tony Lipp (Viggo Mortensen) is hired to drive an Afro-American piano player, Dr. Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali), through the deep south in the 1960’s.

What I Liked:  Humor is a strong attribute of Green Book.  The growing relationship between Tony and Dr. Shirley generated the majority of the humor.  In particular, the natural and relatable dialog made the scenes all the more humorous.  Strong performances and a good chemistry between the actors provided the right delivery to land all the humor.


I appreciated learning about Green Book, even a learning as depressing it was.   Showing the discrimination existed throughout the United States is a reminder we all need so we don’t go backwards and remember how much progress we have made and how much more there is to go.  The message is delivered with humor which allows the message to be heard but the humor also allows the message to be received easier.

Green Book movie has much the same good feeling as you might get from Hidden Figures, but Hidden Figures suffered from following multiple characters on separate tracks.  Green Book focuses on the two men, and typically following them in confined space of the car.  The focus really helped the movie pace and character development


What I Didn’t Like:  While the movie deals with the subject of racism, the subject is touched and Green Book bounces quickly into humor.  The movie avoids dealing with racism head on as other movies this year have.  Green Book stays in the safe zone of being a road comedy.

Conclusion:  Green Book is a fun, feel good road comedy.  You will walk out of the theater and think to yourself, “that was a good movie”.