Anna and the Apocalypse – Only the Zombies don’t Sing

Rating (3.5 out of 5)

4 Words, Scottish, Musical, Zombies, Christmas equal an enjoyable movie and describe Anna and the Apocalypse.  While overall an entertaining move the movie drags in spots.  We know Anna is a zombie movie, so get to the zombies already.   If you don’t enjoy any of the 4 words above reduce my rating by 1.

Plot:  Anna (Ella Hunt) and her friend John (Malcolm Cumming) near the end of their  high school career, and suffer from the typical high school angst.  Overnight the zombie apocalypse hits their sleep little hamlet and they don’t notice on their walk to school (because they are singing).  After battling through their first zombie, they take refuge in the bowling alley.  Their family and friends are trapped in the high school.  Anna and her friends make their way through the zombies to reunite with more friends and family.


What I Liked:  The songs and dance sequences were enjoyable.  The dancing around the tables reminded of high school musical, and I thought my daughter might enjoy Anna and the Apocalypse.  Again how can she not, did I mention Scottish, Musical, Zombies, Christmas.

Anna’s friend sings at the school a sexually suggestive song at the school Christmas show.  The views of the audience made for a fun sequence.  There were a number of humorous scenes interlaced making Anna an entertaining film.


People do die or turned into zombies.  I hate zombie movies where everyone squeaks by the zombies and live.  The number of deaths/zombie turns exceeds the number who survive.  Seeing some of the characters die is a little sad but deaths/turns make for nice scenes.

The zombie kills were good.  Instruments used to kill zombies include baseball bat, toilet seat, bowling balls, teeter totter, ps4 controller etc.  The kills kept the the apocalypse  lighthearted even though friends and family were dying.  I laughed more than once.


What I Didn’t Like:  The introduction of the characters and getting to the next day with zombies took too long.  Once we got to the zombies the movie pace improved  We all know it is zombie movie, bring out the zombies and the zombie kills.

The movie stalled during a song in the bowling alley where the kids are trapped and they aren’t getting cell phone signals or the internet anymore.  The segment weighed on the movie.  I was ready for some action but we had sad reflection instead.  Snooze alert.

Conclusion:  As I write my blog article, I am listening to the soundtrack and they songs are quite good.  Good music and good zombie kills, these two components together and you get decent movie.  A movie I will happily watch again with a silly smirk on my face.  Yes, along with Die Hard, I would consider Anna and the Apocalypse a Christmas movie.