Song of the Sea – A Cute Movie

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary:  This 2014 Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Feature, Song of the Sea offers a delightful fantasy for children but offers very little for adults. While the “Song of the Sea” applies a unique artistic style the storyline suffers from extreme predictability. If you have children add this to the list of films to watch. Without children, I would pass on this film.

Plot:  With their mom gone, a grandmother takes two young children to the city away from their lighthouse home. Saorise (Lucy O’Connell) needs to find her magical coat and return to the sea or she will die, and her brother Ben (David Rawle) reluctantly comes to her aid.

What I Liked:  The movie employs a charming and unique artwork. The artwork provided a nice refresh from the computer animated movies so frequently offered.

A predictable and straightforward story will appeal to children. The young and extremely sweet girl Saorise discovers her true self and of course, the boy learns to protect his sister in the end.

What I Didn’t Like: After the first scene, when the pregnant mom recounts the story painted on the walls to her son, the whole movie was laid out for the audience. So little offered in terms of surprises.