Fargo (Season 2) – Still An Above Average Show

Rating (3.5 out of 4)

Summary:  While not as good as Season 1, Season 2 maintains your interest the whole way through to the end. Season 2 is a precursor to Fargo Season 1, as a result, some of the characters are the same, just 25 years younger. You know a little of who survives the massacre, and you know there is a massacre. The writers did an excellent job of laying the story out and that you wanted to watch.

Plot:  The patriarch of the Gerhardt family has a heart attack, and the Kansas City mob moves in to take over. Concurrently, the butcher and his wife mistakenly kill Rye Gerhardt after Rye kills a number of people at a dinner. Who will survive the Sioux City massacre?

Detail:  The story needs a couple of episodes to get moving which lowered my rating. Once we progress past the introductions, the body count piles up, and you want to see who survives. And can anyone kill the Indian Hanzee (Zahn McClarnon)? He seemed untouchable.

Fargo Season 2 offers another great set of characters spread throughout the show, and you wanted to see how their conflicts are resolved. Even the policeman had conflicts with each other. There are so many little side characters that you are worried will get shot, and hope they find a way out. I like that about Fargo.

A weird aspect of this season was the UFO’s to open and close the season. I don’t want to spoil the show for you but the UFO diminished the impact of the big massacre at the end.