One Day Since Yesterday: Peter Bogdanovich & the Lost American – Long Title

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary:  I have heard about Peter Bogdanovich and really liked him in “The Other Side of Wind”. This documentary currently on Netflix, which I will refer to as “One Day”. If you are a lover of movies and movie history, “One Day” will pique your interest. I added two movies to my watchlist after watching “One Day”. Quentin Tarantino’s candidness about the impact of Peter Bogdanovich’s films, especially the impact of “They All Laughed”, surprised me.

Plot: The documentary covers Peter Bogdanovich’s career but focuses on the movie “They All Laughed” and how that movie and the events around the film impacted his life.

Detail: There are interviews with various young directors, and they discuss the impact of Peter’s films on them as artists. Hearing their point of view on the films provided me with a new perspective on Peter’s films which I previously watched.

“One Day” emphasizes the tragic story of Dorthy Stratten and the impact her death had on Peter Bogdanovich. Hearing Peter’s daughter discuss their perspective of how the events surrounding “They All Laughed” impacted their father brought a touching honesty to “One Day”.

The movie builds up from his early career, but focuses on “They All Laughed”. “One Day” continues on to discuss his work after “They All Laughed”, but they brush by it. Wish they either had stopped after “They All Laughed” and summarized his career afterward in 5 minutes. The story of “Mask” and the music intrigued, and I am sure there are more stories, but that would be a whole other film.