Preacher (Season 1) – Took a While

Rating (3 out 5)

Summary: “Preacher” kept offering just enough material to keep me interested to finish out season 1, but they lost my wife after the 2nd episode. This show slowly develops drawing out the plot development before landing on the final direction. The last 3 episodes did offer me enough incentive to watch the start of Season 2.

Plot: The Preacher (Dominic Cooper) leads his deceased father’s church and attempts to overcome his criminal past, despite efforts from his ex-girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga). The Preacher befriends a vampire, Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) who helps Preacher deal with a new found power. As a team, they commence their search for God. Based on the DC Comic book.

Detail:  The overall episodes are slow. If you are expecting fast-talking cool witted people and/or non-stop action, this doesn’t exist in the first season. There are snippets of entertaining and lighthearted action scenes. For example, when Preacher is pushed into fighting Donnie and his group of idiots, or the battle with the angels at the hotel.

The Season 1 ending surprised me which doesn’t happen frequently in TV shows these days and didn’t expect the turn in the show. The cataclysmic event at the end is one of the aspects convincing me to increase the score and look forward to what happens in Season 2.

In addition, Season 1 contained explorations of right and wrong. There were also some surprising character decisions. The surprising actions of Emily (Lucy Griffiths) in the last few episodes explored right and wrong, in addition to the meaning of life. Her crying in front of the TV and I enjoyed watching her evolve in that the moment. Unfortunately, you don’t see this change from her until Episode 7.