They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead – Watch Only if You’re a Movie Lover

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: Only watch this documentary if you have watched the movie “The Other Side of Wind“. While the documentary does explore the making of the movie, the most captivating scenes are the interviews with Orson Welles himself. If you want to understand more about the plight of “The Other Side of Wind”, I would recommend reading articles rather than watching this film.

Plot: This movie provides background about Orson Welles production of the film “The Other Side of Wind” and why the movie only recently released in 2018, even though production starting in the 1970s.

Detail: Orson Welles had an interesting history in making movies. Fascinating to see how his views and those of production companies conflicted, and how this impacted “The Other Side of Wind”.

It blew my mind that Rich Little was originally cast in the film but he had to drop out because of other commitments. Being later replaced by Peter Bogdanovich. Then how Orson imposed himself on Peter at his house and then, later on, openly critical of Peter on national TV, demonstrated particularly well how poorly Orson could treat people.

“The Other Side of Wind” received a good score from me (3.5 out of 5) but the story of this above average film is amazing. The film took 6 years to film, and over 40 years to complete (once financial issues were resolved). The fact the had to change locations from the one in Arizona to Peter’s in Los Angeles is simply amazing, change actors.

Finally, to hear what scenes in the movie resonated with the cast/crew within the movie versus what I enjoyed fascinated me. The sex scene seemed to be the scene they enjoyed, that I particuarly disliked.