Blockers – OK, I Guess

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: “Blockers” is exactly what you expect, a silly comedy, which at times made me laugh and others disappointedly shaking my head at the sheer stupidity. Playing on HBO, I am particularly happy I didn’t forfeit money for “Blockers”. If you accept “Blockers” as a silly parent/teenager comedy, then watch this film. For my wife, don’t watch this, you will groan and be upset that you wasted your time.

Plot: Three female high school friends make a sex pact for prom. The parents see the pact on the computer and set out to prevent them from fulfilling their sex pact.

Detail: There are stupid parts in the film and some of them are juvenille. For example, a scene involving John Cena’s character and a beer bong is ludicrous. Now some idiot (me) might laugh at these ridiculous scenes, but they are infantile and over the top. The subsequent car chase has some funny lines. Cute scenes like these offset the ridiculous ones. However, in the end, the stupidity overpowers the simple humor and resulting in silly nonsense.

One of the girls knows she is a lesbian but hasn’t told anyone. The father knows and rushes to stop her from having sex with a boy. The progressive nature of the storyline impresses.

I wish I had a more inciteful critique about “Blockers” but there isn’t that much there. “Blockers” is another in the line of what you see is what you get comedies, along the lines of “Night School” and “Game Night”, it is what it is.