Fyre (Netflix) vs Fyre Fraud (Hulu)

Rating – Netflix (3.5 out of 5)
Rating – Hulu (3.5 out of 5)

Summary: Both movie services (Netflix and Hulu) have documentaries providing a unique perspective into the catastrophic failure of the Fyre Festival and the downfall of the co-founder, Billy McFarland. Caution, the Netflix version is produced by the team at F***Jerry, who were responsible for the marketing at Fyre Festival. In my opinion, they are culpable in the epic failure, and their involvement in this documentary may taint the viewpoints.

My recommendation is to watch them both, watching the Netflix version, then the Hulu version. Each film offers different views into this sorid affair. I binged them both last night, and was capitvated by it all.

Netflix Version: The documentary contains extensive footage of the marketing video shot on Norman Cay, obviously F***Jerry shot the footage. This documentary provides a defense that Fyre’s core business was, in fact, an application they were designing with Ja Rule, and the festival was an advertising avenue.

Netflix version obtained footage of Billy McFarland running his NYC VIP con while being indicted for fraud from Frye. Simply amazed to watch him return to his core sleazy form. Hulu only discussed the scheme.

This version interviews the team involved in the setup of the festival. The interviews increased my understanding of how they reached a point where they agreed to put peoples lives in danger. Netflix included a bit more detail into the people impacted by the failure. Individuals left were large credit card debt or the poor restauranteur in the Bahamas who lost $50k in savings. Her story was heartbreaking.

Hulu Version: Hulu provides more background about BillyMcFarland himself missing from the Netflix version. Billy McFarland was merely 25 years of age when the festival happened. The additional background about him was helpful.

The Hulu followed a couple of the Influencers a bit more on their trip. Netflix and Hulu include one of the same Influencers. In the Hulu documentary, they follow this Influencer who actually received her bungalow instead of one of the failed FEMA tents.

Hulu version provided more detail about the actual fraud he committed, and how the festival and his fraud overlapped. I still can’t believe people funded the bracelets with thousands of dollars.

Ja Rule does get more directly attacked in this version. However, this version shows a darker side to the F***Jerry involvement. This is enhanced with a former employee being interviewed.

Finally, they interview Billy. No remorse of any sort. The interview provides insight into a monstrous personality of a serial liar. He doesn’t see the world as a community of which he is part, the world is a tool to serve him. Lies flow from his mouth like water from a spring.