Lost in London – Story Lost

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: The premise of the movie is interesting, but the execution fell short. Woody Harrelson failed to connect me with his character and understand the motivations driving him on that chaotic night. The audience observes a recreation rather than a movie watching the hero overcome so major hurdle.

Plot: Covers a traumatic night in Woody Harrelson’s life while in London, England.

Detail: Woody freaks out during a party after arguing with his wife. We never receive clarification of why he spirals out of control. From reading articles, he consumed a number of illegal substances on a daily basis at the time, which probably led to his paranoia. When he freaks out, this paranoia leads to a series of issues snowballing the situation from bad to worse. But the background isn’t included in the movie, so the freak out seems weird and makes Woody look moronic.

His solitary goal seemed to be taking his kids to the Harry Potter set. My wife said it best, “Rich White People Issues”. Hard sympathizing with the hero when he pursues a goal of the privileged.

There also wasn’t a good follow-up. Did he ever apologize to the people he treated poorly from that fateful night, the next day or 10 years later? He goes to Harry Potter with the guys from the arresting police unit. They could have shown pictures from their Harry Potter trip or show current pictures of the policemen.

The movie interestingly demonstrates how the public interfaces with personalities, such as Woody and his friend Owen Wilson, on a daily basis. A double-edged sword for celebrities, because fans constantly interrupt your simple conversation with friends and loved ones. Then on the opposite side of the spectrum, people invite you out on parties or attractive women come hit on you. Woody attempts to utilize his star power remedy his situation, and you dislike him a little bit for it.