Hotel Artemis – Someone Call a Doctor

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: A nice value as the $1 rental on iTunes but I caution you, I wouldn’t pay much more for this run of the mill movie. “Hotel Artemis” is a quick (1 1/2 hours run time) and fluid film, making it easy to watch. However, unlike criminal focused movies John Wick or Pulp Fiction, the movie falls short in connecting you to the characters. The movie falls short of the promise displayed in the trailers.

Plot: On a night of a large riot in Los Angeles in 2028, The Nurse (Jodie Foster) readies for a night of injured criminals seeking medical refuge in Hotel Artemis.

Detail: The quick and fast plot setup engaged me, as they introduce The Nurse and Waikiki (Sterling K. Brown) as the leads. While I enjoyed the setup, the movie felt rushed at the end. I would have preferred a recount of The Nurse’s history with her son rather than the sporadic flashbacks. Would have also appreciated a bit of background on her phobia of going outside.

Jodie Foster was outstanding as the Nurse. Cool and calm one moment, then frail, then angry. Also, her little speedy walk through the hotel was perfect for the character. Particularly enjoyed her adherence to maintaining the rules and her repeated, “Its just another Wednesday”. Her character is a poor version of the Hotel Manager and Winston from John Wick mixed together.

The movie demonstrates a realistic vision of technology in the future. The 3-D printing for body parts, nanotechnology, drones and helicopters battling, kevlar clothing, video feed with implanted eyeball etc.

Is there a movie or TV Show where Acapulco (Charlie Day) doesn’t scream? Found his character thinly constructed. A fast-talking intelligent character would have been better here, versus the whiny vindictive creature provided.

Nice (Sofia Boutella) is an assassin, and the movie introduces her as being focused on money and high profile kills. They didn’t keep her stoned cold persona in place during the rooftop encounter with Acapulco. Then, during the final fight where Nice stays to battle contradicts her cold-hearted killer mentality established earlier? These two scenes are where the plot fell apart and the movie lost focus.