This I How I Live Now – Pass on This

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: An odd film with a character that seems to be overly selfish and unlikable. A war between unknown entities confused me, and love between cousins made me uncomfortable. A bit of a snooze.

Plot: Elizabeth “Daisy” (Saoirse Ronan) comes to Britain to visit her cousins. She falls in love, while war breaks out and she struggles to reunite the family through war.

Detail: When we are introduced to Daisy, she is rude and condescending to everyone. I am not sure I ever liked her characters. However, the 3 cousins were likable and you wanted to see what happened to them. Great performance from Isaac (Tom Holland) and it is easy to see why they picked him for Spider-man.

I didn’t understand the military conflict in the background which caused me to be confused. After London is decimated by a nuclear bomb, the story felt a bit forced. Without clarity about the conflict, the war seemed to be merely a plot device to split up the family.

The film is a bit of a snooze except when Daisy and Piper (Harley Bird) are traveling back to home. There are two different scenes where they encounter other people, and these were well done. Daisy toughens up, but she is still not a likable heroine.

SPOILER ALERT: I like when main characters die. Daisy’s search through the bodies to eventually reveal Issac’s dead body saddened me. The burial scene was actually quite touching. However, they didn’t quite explain what happened at the military installation. Later when we discover Eddie (George MacKay) back at the farm, we assume something happened, but the story isn’t clear.

Then as suddenly as the war starts it ends. Daisy stays with her cousin. But there isn’t any resolution to what happened or what happened to her Aunt. I understand by focusing on Daisy and her 3 cousins you get their point of view as children being outside the war. This technique might have worked for a book, but in the movie, the lack of clarity confused me and then lost my attention.