In A World… – What in the World?

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: “In A World” (2013, available on Hulu) is a mish-mash of a story. There is an hour of good material here and another boring 30 minutes which must have been added so “In A World” could be considered a feature film. The 30 minutes drags down the hour of good material and “In A World” is a snooze.

Plot: Carol Solomon (Lake Bell) half-heartedly competes in the male-dominated industry of movie promo voice-overs. She stumbles across her first big break and circumstances pit her against the top men in the business, including her dad.

Detail: The concept of revealing the inter-workings of voiceovers is fun and unique. She also coaches stars on voices, which is something we forget actors need. Wonder why they didn’t explore video games and cartoons?

The movie lacked life and spunk. There were inklings of a spark in various moments in the film. For example, when Louis (Dmitri Martin) and everyone at the studio discuss Gustav’s party. Regrettably, these scenes were just too far in between to save the movie.

Here are a few items I liked:
-A funny situational setup between her dad Sam (Fred Melamed) and his protege Gustav (Ken Marino). Wish the situation had been leveraged more than a simple plot device forcing Sam to enter the competition.
-The love interest with Louis was cute.

And a few items I didn’t like:
-I struggled a bit with the millennial, ah shucks, I am living with dad malaise. After her dad kicks her out, she crashes with her sister. Get a life already.
-There is a side plot with her sister kissing a client at the hotel where she is a concierge. The strife between her sister and her sister’s husband adding little to the overall movie.