Happy Death Day 2U – RIP

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary:Happy Death Day” is a true guilty pleasure for me. I wanted to like “Happy Death Day 2U”, and while there were still some delightful touches, the multi-verse and dean were the proverbial nail in the coffin. The flaws literally force your body to audibly groan. In addition, while the deceased mother played a minor but sweet role in the first film, in “2U” the mother overwhelms. I would pass on “2U”.

Plot: Tree (Jessica Rothe) stopped the loop in the first movie, but the loop is reset in another parallel universe. She works with Carter (Israel Broussard) and his dorky friends to fix the time device.

Detail: The director started by having Carter’s roommate Ryan (Phi Vu) reset and then Tree provides him guidance on how to find the killer. A pleasant touch that offered hope for the rest of the film. However, it quickly falls apart from there. Turns out Ryan from another multi-verse is attempting to kill Ryan from this multi-verse to prevent his experiment. Ryan has created a device to slow time but instead creates a time the loop.

I complained the other day about time travel being lazy writing. Coming in a close 2nd would be using a multi-verse. Why would the multi-verse be similar to our multi-verse. Only the TV show “Sliders” dealt well with multi-verse. Everyone else, give it up because it sucks. I am using simple words so you understand me. Please stop!

Even though they employed a cheap trick there were some enjoyable elements. Having Tree memorize the formulas made me laugh. Reminded me of “Eureka”. Having Tree’s sorority sister Danielle (Rachel Matthews) sister date Carter in the new verse added a good conflict. Watching Danielle be kind to the dorks was humorously odd.

Other parts made me laugh as well. The montage of Tree killing herself in new various ways. Another is in the original multiverse Danielle talks with one of the dorks for the first time, and the one geek can’t shift his eyes off her chest. However, the negatives definitely outway the positives.

There were 3 particular items that ruined the movie:
1) The Dean is a Ghostbustersesque version of a college dean. A flimsy caricature and overly lazy written character. He had a portrait of himself with his cat in his office. How stupid is that?
2) They require the Dean’s keys. Danielle pretends she is blind to steal the keys. She executes a number of physical acts distracting the Dean and obtaining the keys. I almost walked out because of the poorly orchestrated scene. We should have gone back to her chest and Danielle is uncomfortable with exposing herself that way.
3) The mom served as character development in the first movie. In “2U”, we have landed in the multi-verse where the mom she is still alive. Here we have multiple conversations with her, where we only required one. The scene with the mother in the car where Tree understood, this isn’t her multi-verse.