Fighting with My Family – Good Cookie Cutter

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: The prototypical feel-good movie “Fighting with My Family” is exactly what you expect from the previews but the ride is enjoyable. While the movie lacks anything original, there are laughs to be had along the way. I don’t know if I would rush to the theater for “Fighting with My Family”. However, if you are searching for a movie to see this weekend then this wholesome and inspiring movie might work splendidly for you.

Plot: The true story of Saraya Knights’s (Florence Pugh) ascension to Diva Champion in the WWE.

Detail: The rest of the film is a perfect cookie cutter movie. She is friendless, solitary and is about to drop out from her big break. The wrestling camp has a break and she returns to the UK. Upon her return, she discovers the family is in turmoil. The family all argue, but come together, and she returns to the camp with renewed determination. She then comes back, makes friends, and wins the day.

The family is the best part of the film with the dad (Nick Frost) and mom (Lena Headey) being the highlight. How can you go wrong with Nick Frost? Lena Headey surprised me with her plucky performance. They were both great together. The scenes of the family together were definitely when the movie shined and made you laugh.

Here are some other points I liked and disliked:
+The Rock had two brief cameos and both excellent scenes.
– Paige’s self-doubting portion of the film took too long. If we could have shortened that section the overall pace would have been better.
– Zak’s self-doubting portion of the film took too long. The self-doubting is needed, but the length of the scenes sucked the energy out of the film.

As a side note: I think there are more interesting stories here. One story is about her dad and mom creating a wrestling camp elevating themselves away from drugs, alcohol and violent crime. Another story is how the wrestling camp appeared to be salvation for community kids and provided an alternative from dealing drugs and/or committing crimes. Finally, the world of wrestling that exists outside of WWE, how strange that all was.