Kingdom – Zombies, Martial Arts, Oh Yeah!

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: “Kingdom” is a little slow at first while the story sets the political situation forcing the chancellor and his daughter the Queen to employ extreme measures to keep the King alive and forcing the Crown Prince to leave. Once the zombies arrive on the scene the story rolls along well and we have a nice mix of zombies and politics. Only 6 episodes and they went quickly. Excited for the next season.

If you don’t like zombie movies/shows -1 from my rating.
If you don’t like martial arts movies/shows – 1 from my rating.
My wife’s rating would be 1 out of 5.

Plot: In Ancient Korea, a Crown Prince seeks answers about his father the King. He travels to a remote province to locate the doctor who treated his father and steps into the middle of a zombie epidemic.

Detail: Liked the development of the Crown Prince. He at first appears soft, then he adeptly battles a zombie with his sword, and finally leads the fight against the zombies. The unexpected subtle change surprised me.

The first episode is a little slow. The audience knows from the previews “Kingdom” is a zombie TV show and I was tad impatient to view them. However, the setup indeed helps develop the rest of the story and provides a simple rationale as to why there are zombies.

A new feature is the zombies rest during the day. When the sun rises the zombies hide underneath rocks or buildings. They appear dead, but as soon as the sun sets, the zombies wake and run at a full sprint hunting for flesh. The zombie downtime allows for scenes where people lock themselves in a jail cell or similar confined space to survive the night, and recoup during the day.

There were two other components I liked:
1) The evil chancellor locked the epidemic behind the wall and sacrificed all the people. A smart move to combat the epidemic but also helps raise the tension in the city where our main characters are trapped.
2) The Koreans are willing to kill characters which allow their shows to be incredibly unique. In Season 1, a little girl survives the first night after her mother and sister are zombified. She is later killed by an arrow from the royal guard attempting to capture the Crown Prince. She survived two zombie attacks merely to be killed by an arrow, fantastic stuff.