True Detective (Season 3) – Snooze Alert

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: Season 3 starts out interestingly enough as the detectives start to investigate the disappearance of two missing children. The relationship between Detective Wayne Harris (Mahershala Ali) and his wife Amelia (Carmen Ejogo) slowed the show. After 7 episodes, a significantly older Detective Harris solves the case in just a few minutes, and the final episode is anti-climatic. I persevered and watched all the episodes, but it was an unrewarding experience.

Plot: Detective Harris and Detective West (Stephen Dorff) are assigned the investigation of two missing children in the 1980s. The case is reopened in 1990. In the current period, a TV crew is producing a documentary about the case forcing Detective Harris to look back at the old case.

Summary: Detective Harris, is good at his job but is a pain in the ass, and is a completely unlikable character. Had he been pleasant or understanding in any of one of the three time periods, but changed due to the circumstances, we would have understood. He never seemed pleasant or sympathetic, so I didn’t particularly enjoy watching the show through him as the focal point.

The relationship between Detective Harris and his wife is truly dysfunctional. They mope around each other or argue as they struggle to maintain a relationship. They are not an enjoyable couple to follow and I kept praying the writers would decide to break them up. This paired with Detective Harris being a gigantic sour puss made their screen time extremely boring. When the wife investigated the children’s disappearance without Detective Harris, her character shined and became the strong heroine I enjoy watching. Wish they had them separate but friends and still following the case in separate ways.

They work hard in the ’80s and ’90s to solve the case, but they finally are able to resolve the case in a matter of days when they are extremely old. I thought the last episode ended 3 separate times, but unfortunately, the writers believed they had more to tell. Then Detective Harris forgets his momentous discovery because of his Alzheimer, a little too convenient. The neatly wrapped up ending baffled me because it did not match the tone of the first 7 episodes.

There were so many little items thrown in here and there. These little add-ins didn’t improve the story, nor did they enhance the development of the characters. As an example, Detective Harris’s son is having an affair with the documentarian.

I hate only complaining, so I will add one compliment. The performance of Stephen Dorff was excellent and he made his character likable.