Contest/Reality TV Shows

There are shows I some contest shows I watch, because they are fun.

The Titan Games (Season 1) – NBC – The Rock meets American Gladiator how could “Titan” be anything but awesome. I could do without the 10 minute background on everyone, but the events are cool. The women are impressively strong and the weights aren’t changed for the women. Still a couple of more episodes to go, but if you liked American Gladiator, then you will appreciate this show.

Project Runway Allstars (Season 7) – Lifetime – We started watching Project Runway when Banana Republic sponsored the first show over a decade ago because I worked for Gap Inc. We have continued to watch Project Runway and Project Runway Allstars since then. However, I would say Season 7 is one of my favorite seasons for a couple of reasons. 1) This is All-stars international, with winners from Brazil, Australia, Canada, UK are competing here. Who knew there is a “Project Runway Australia”? Not this guy. The international component has opened up the pool of talent and the contestants have slightly different styles. 2) Because they are all winners, the caliber of clothing delivered each episode is excellent. The person who is getting eliminated is the person having an off day.

Clash of Collectables (Season 1) – Netflix – Two British men (one lives in Australia now and the other is from the UK) compet head to head in Australia, buying antiques at retail stores and selling the goods at a live auction. Sounds completely boring, but I am finding it fascinating. What sells in Australia is different than what sells in the UK. The heat seems to impact the live auction and even experts can lose money. I don’t know if I would watch multiple seasons, but I definitely enjoyed watching this lighthearted show.