Miracle Workers – Oh God!

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: To confess, I have only watched 3 episodes of “Miracle Workers” a new show on TBS. “Miracle Workers” relies on unintended consequences and crass humor which just miss the mark. While I am not a religious person, the vacuous portrayal of God is disrespectful and demeaning. There is potential in the premise, but what is delivered is juvenile. I don’t intend to watch any more of this unfunny sitcom.

Plot: Eliza (Geraldine Viswanathan) has been transferred to the “Answer Prayer” department with Craig (Daniel Radcliffe) in heaven. God issues a two-week deadline for Eliza and Craig to answer an impossible prayer or God (Steve Buscemi) will destroy the earth.

Detail: The premise is heaven is organized into departments like a business, with God being the CEO. God is bored and watches TV all day, and randomly acts out. For example, God doesn’t appreciate Bill Maher talking negatively about him and orders one of his lieutenants to kill Bill Maher by exploding his penis. There is an incident with a microwave and drinking multiple juice drinks. Crass jokes devolve God to a buffoon.

I appreciate the idea of God being bored and he contemplates starting fresh with Earth. But the fact he can’t work a microwave is idiotic. God’s extremely shabby treatment of his people means God is mean in addition to being an idiot. The whole portrayal didn’t make sense.

The idea of unintended consequences has the potential for substantial humor. A man prays to find their missing glove and Craig manipulates the wind to blow a leaf allowing the man to find the glove. Unknown to Craig is the man is a thief and commits a crime after finding the glove. The thief can’t be apprehended because the police are unable to detect any fingerprints because the thief was wearing gloves. Had they started with the subtlety of the small miracles and then approached a bored God about saving the earth, there would have been more humor.