Umbrella Academy (Season 1) – Slow Paced

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: There are cool and eclectic scenes and moments spread throughout “Umbrella Academy”, but 10 episodes are too many to tell their tale. A decent opening episode leads to considerably slower paced shows where the grown-up kids work through their feelings. I did enjoy the final 3 episodes as the action picked up. I wouldn’t recommend “Umbrella Academy” to the average viewer due to the slow pace and constant whining.

Plot: Number 5 (Aidan Gallagher) returns from the future to inform his superpowered family that in a few days, everyone dies during an apocalypse. The family needs to resolve their problems and work together to save earth.

Detail: There are scenes that I really enjoyed. For example, when Klaus (Robert Sheehan) is searching for drugs and spots a pill on the ground at a rave. The pill glows in his eyes. Unfortunately, these dashes of whimsy are spread inconsistently through the series.

I enjoyed the episode when Number 5 is offered a position with the Commission. While at the Commission he hunts for clues to the start of the apocalypse. The relationship between the woman in charge The Handler (Kate Walsh) and Number 5 is plucky and their banter amusing.

The show itself drags. Each of the members contends with the problems with their father, current relationships, relationships with each other, etc. The introspective consumed a large portion of time and the pace became unbearably slow. Their incessant whining about how unappreciated they felt by their father bored me.

Some characters behaved inconsistently at times, which made the show feel a bit forced. For example, Luther (Tom Hopper) lectures Pogo (Adam Godley) about making the right choice, when Pogo chooses not to divulge all the secrets to Luther. Not but 10 minutes later, Luther makes a decision counter to his stance with Pogo. The action by Luther is required to move the story to the next plot point.