Captain Marvel – DC, Why Can’t You Do This?

Rating (3.5 out of 5)

Summary: What a unique and pleasant experience, to go to the movie theater and enjoy a fun action movie. Marvel Studios consistency is amazing. Their true skill is writing delightful banter between characters and layering humor at the appropriate points in the film. “Captain Marvel” continues Marvel’s streak of producing solid action films. The biggest compliment of all, my wife enjoyed the film.

The most surprising aspect of “Captain Marvel” is how Brie Larson shined in the role of Captain Marvel. She offered a clever mix of Stark’s snarkiness and Captain America’s serious idealism.

While many aspects of the film were enjoyable, there are a couple of scenes creating huge lulls of silence and you could hear the audience get antsy. Also, “Captain Marvel” is merely another superhero movie. If you don’t like the genre, there is nothing new to see here.

Plot: Vers/Carole Danvers/Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) is captured by the Skrull’s and they discover she has been on earth. She also knows the location to a secret weapon on earth that could alter the course of an intergalactic war. She is forced to choose sides and find the weapon while on earth.

Detail: Humor makes “Captain Marvel” a successful film. However, humor doesn’t work unless you have the characters and actors to deliver the lines. Samuel L. Jackson does his usual fantastic job as a young Nick Fury. The two surprises for me came from Ben Mendelsohn as Talos the Skrull and Brie Larson. The banter between the three lead characters certainly is entertaining. Their entertaining banter is best demonstrated in a scene between Fury and Vers where they are discussing how Nicholas Joseph Fury prefers to be addressed (Nick, Fury, Nicholas, Joe). The discussion aids the story later in the film but also serves to humanize both characters.

The actions scenes are executed effectively and were distributed timely throughout the film. My favorite is when Vers first lands on earth she chases a Skrull and eventually battles the Skrull on a train. The whole scene flows nicely. The pace of the overall movie is robust, except for two segments.

In the slow segments, the whole theater became silent, and I could hear a restlessness throughout the audience. The restlessness could be caused by the fact, almost everyone of us has already watched a dozen superhero movies, and we know these scenes. I don’t need the motivational speech from the friend; I simply need the friend to ask her what she is going to do. Her response, of course, is “Save the World”.

Comparatively, I enjoyed “Captain Marvel” more than “Black Panther” from last year, because I found “Black Panther” lacking in overall humor (except the sister). Also, when compared to last years “Avengers: Infinity War”, “Captain Marvel” is straight-forward and simple. There is no need to remember 100 characters, and what is happening on Earth, Titan, blah, blah, blah.

“Captain Marvel” is a Marvel movie I look forward to adding “Captain Marvel” to my iTunes library.