Jason Bourne – Please Let It Die

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: “Jason Bourne” is the definition of “I have seen one I have seen them all”. The actions scenes are enjoyable, but you have watched them before. Somehow, all the surveillance techniques from the previous movies are unutilized to track Bourne down after he leaves Greece. Oh, and my favorite, the streets of Las Vegas are clear for the car chase. “Jason Bourne” offends your intelligence and it isn’t worth your time to watch.

Plot: Nicky Parsons (Julia Stiles) steals files from the CIA and discovers they have more evil plans up their sleeve. She pulls Jason Bourne back and he this time he is seeking revenge for his father’s killing.

Detail: There are too many fundamental issues in the movie. The Las Vegas chase scene is definitely one of them. A SWAT car and an unmarked police car barrel down the main drag of Las Vegas. I have walked faster than cars down that street so this scene was a stretch. And undoubtedly, Jason stopped caring about the rest of the world and doesn’t care that 50 other people died in the car chase.

Of course, the inept police can’t follow them down the sewer in Las Vegas, even though the helicopter spotted them. The portrayal of police and law enforcement now is purely insulting.

Another anomaly occurs when Jason finds a person who can open the files from Nicky’s USB drive. This is a man who reveals secrets about the government. Clearly, he would open the file on a laptop connected to the internet. And even more obviously, he would have a phone that connected to the same network. Wholly S*$^, are we stupid. If the gentlemen’s chosen profession is releasing government secrets on the internet, he would have multiple laptops and networks, with some devices connected and others not connected. His router would be encrypted, his phone encrypted, his laptop encrypted.

In another scene, Jason sets off all the fire alarms in the buildings surrounding a square with a simple phone call. I am positive an expert could set up these devices but in only 5 minutes? Fine I will tolerate this leap, but then after they all leave the area the authorities would have discovered the devices. Definitely, we have given up on stealth.

There are more, but you get the point. This is a fine enough action movie, but no longer the sly, one man on the run. Simple one on one battles in a tiny European room are replaced with the lavish car chases. End the series, end it here.