Hap and Leonard (Season 1) – Haphazard and Chaos

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: “Hap and Leonard” borders on being a decent dark comedy. Hap and Leonard are an odd couple, and the premise is the pair find themselves in strange situations all the time. The premise has considerable potential and at times you see the execution matching the potential.

The season is a mere 6 episodes and quite easy to watch. I struggled through the first 2 episodes with pace. Once our villain enters the picture, the pace picks up significantly, and I enjoyed how season 1 ended. “Hap and Leonard” is an odd show that I would not recommend broadly. It’s a buddy violent comedy set in Texas.

Plot: Hap (James Purefoy) and Leonard (Michael Kenneth Williams) are struggling to make ends meet when Leonards ex, Trudy (Christina Hendricks) offers them a quick rich scheme. There are more than a few challenges ahead for them.

Detail: The first couple of episodes are heavy in setup and drag a little. The setup of the love between Hap and Trudy I found particularly laborious. Once they are introduced to Trudy’s current husband Howard (Bill Sage) and his crew, the show picks up the pace.

After you are introduced to the plan, you immediately understand the plan will not work. From there you develop a general sense of how the story will arc. “Hap and Leonard” is a series and you know Hap and Leonard can’t die. Their inability to die does minimize the tension out of the final shoot outs. Thankfully, a number of characters die.

When Soldier (Jimmi Simpson) and Angel (Pollyanna McIntosh) come to Texas, they indiscriminately kill people they meet. They are quirky, odd and ruthless — a great addition, especially after all the lovey-dovey stuff. At first, you aren’t sure how Soldier and Angel relate to Hap and Leonard and their caper. Oh boy, when they all meet, let the fun commence.