The Legend of Cocaine Island – Odd Documentary

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: Every now and again, you watch a documentary and think, this is an excellent plot for a feature film. “Fargo” the story and you will produce a hit. As presented, “The Legend of Cocaine Island” (Netflix) is merely odd. The main characters don’t seem to understand they were wrong in their actions. Also, the scenes with the daughter and the marching band in a gym added to the peculiarity of the movie. I enjoy a documentary, but I would pass on this unless you need movie idea.

Plot: After hearing a tale about cocaine buried on an island, down on his luck Rodney and his friend attempt to recover the loot.

Detail: They reenacted a considerable amount of the history especially with the original people themselves. That approach did not appeal to me. However, I thoroughly enjoyed when they showed pictures of Rodney and his partner. The photos were from surveillance cameras when they visited the island.

Rodney’s daughter isn’t a central part of the story, but yet we have multiple scenes with her paying her flute at the high school gymnasium. It wasn’t relevant to the story, so why was it included. This with some other dream scenes with Rodney gave the movie a very odd feel. I wasn’t sure if I was watching a documentary at times.

Even when the arresting officers are presented, I wasn’t certain as to why they were blacked out. I wasn’t sure if this was real or an reenactment. The testimonial appears fake.

Finally, Rodney and his wife don’t seem to think they are in the wrong. Rodney wanted to retrieve the drugs, and have them hit the streets of the United States and earn millions of dollars. Their endeavor never seems to strike them as wrong. I was confused about the emotions I was supposed to have towards Rodney. In the end, I think Rodney, his partner and his wife selfish people.