Pokémon Detective Pikachu – Where is Ash?

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: It is overwhelming to think that Pokémon has been around so long that technology has evolved to allow this movie to be created. If my children were still young, Pokémon would be an ideal weekend movie for the family. The move slows down often to deal with death and emotions but ratchets back up for action scenes. “Pokémon” develops into a mediocre film. Overall I would recommend this for families and those who have watched Pokémon for 20+ years. For my wife, don’t do it.

Plot: Tim (Justice Smith) follows the clues about his father’s death. With the aid of Pikachu (Ryan Reynolds) and intern reporter Lucy (Kathryn Newton), they will solve the mystery.

Detail: All but one of the action scenes with the Pokémon impressed me. It really is stunning how technology has advanced enough to bring Pokémon to life. There was one scene where the earth is crashing all around them because of the gigantic Pokémon where the sequence didn’t work well for me.

There we some subtle items thrown into the movie that I enjoyed. A reference to “Seinfeld” with “serenity now”, I thought was quite funny. When he goes to his father’s apartment he turns off the gangster movie, which is the same fake gangster movie from “Home Alone”.

There were cute moments, but they were unremarkable moments. The lack of humor and whimsy was definitely missing throughout the film. “Pokémon” maintains a heavier tone with the estranged father who is dead, and Tim’s sad little life. Which is why this move is just okay.