John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum – More of The Same

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: If you liked the first two John Wicks, then go see “Parabellum”. But if you appreciated “John Wick” for offering something slightly new and thought “John Wick 2” was thin on plot and structure, then you won’t enjoy “Parabellum”. To spice up the fights scenes they added dogs, Halle Berry and motorcycle chases. Surrounding these fight scenes is a meaningless plot amounting to nothing.

Plot: John Wick (Keanu Reeves) has been ex-communicated and a $14M bounty on his head. He battles around the globe to return to New York for a final epic battle.

Detail: The Adjudicator (Asia Kate Dillon) talking to Zero (Mark Dacascos) and he is pretending to speak english with a Japanesse accent, but then switches to perfect English was one of my favorite scenes. Actually, Zero is the most interesting character in “Parabellum”. I did like the addition of the dogs, and wish the directors had the dogs journey continued with John Wick a little longer.

I also enjoyed the fight scene in the library. Also, the fight in the weapons room with the knives was the kind of unique fun you expect from John Wick. Just enough bad guys, to provide John a challenge, but enough to be believeable John could win. It was the one on one action making John Wick interesting.

What I didn’t like is John Wick was able to defeat incredible large number of people in Morocco and then again in New York. The fight scenes morphed into a replay with a different wardrobe. “Parabellum” is like a video game. If the grand organization is capable invoking such fear, you think they could have people with the skill level to defeat John.

While the other Wick films bordered on fantasy, “Parabellum” took a huge leap and jumped feet first into complete fantasy. Two people are stabbed in Grand Central station but no one notices. There is a fight in the stalls, and none of the groomers call the police or attack the men. It was too much for me. If you overlook the plethora extremely unrealistic scenes then “Parabellum” is a fine film.

If you think about the first two films, there was an honor to how John Wick went about life. They killed his dog and took his car. Eye for an eye. A marker was delivered, he had a owed on a marker. This movie is simply John trying to get out of his situation, and he lacked the nobility of previous films.