Midsommar – Midcrap

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: Long and overdone. Did I mention long? 2 1/2 hours long. A 1/2 hour wasted on shoots of landscape. When that wasn’t happening, most likely Dani (Florence Pugh) was crying or suffering a breakdown. The engaging scenes of rituals even dragged. On top of dragging, each ritual scene showed the audience more than was required. There are some interesting concepts and I am glad I watched this film, but I couldn’t recommend “Midsommar” to anyone. For me this was similar “Climax“, the thought counted more than the final product.

Plot: Dani’s sister commits suicide and also kills their parents. Her boyfriend Christian (Jack Reynor) was about to dump her, but continues dating her through her moment of greiving. He even invites her on a bro’ trip to Sweden with his friends. In Sweden, they visit a little town and observe their summer ritual, or are they part of the ritual?

Detail: The movie offers hints of the slog to come as we are driving down the roads of Sweden and the camera flips upside down. The road, is up-side-down on the screen. The plot is still being set up, there was no need for this cinematic hogwash. Unfortunately, the hogwash was indicative of the rest of the film. The director had trouble balancing story with art, and the story lost out.

Again, director error, we served every graphic image on a detail platter. I am amazed at the need for directors to show the audience everything. For example, there is a sex scene in the temple. All we required was the introduction to the sex scene, the shot of the temple with the sounds. Cut end scene, we the intelligent audience understand. It’s weird, it’s cultish, I totally understood. I didn’t the whole sex scene played out for me in graphic detail. Allow the audience use their robust imaginations to complete the scene.

Those 2 paragraphs sum up the movie. Tighten the rituals scenes and remove the extra cinematography and deep down (I mean deep) there is a good movie here, or at least a 2 hour movie.

By the way, this is another case where the director and writer are the same person. I see this trend as one of the problem with modern movie making.