Spider-Man: Far From Home – Far from Horrible

Rating (3.5 out of 5)

Summary: The challenge of rating a Marvel movie, is you ultimately compare each film to the other Marvel movies but also the prior characters movie. In this case, the script doesn’t deliver anything new in terms of super powers. “Far From Home” is a simple hero movie, and lacks the orginality of a “Thor: Ragnorok”.

However, “Spider-Man” provides enough humor and good action elevating “Far From Home” to be above average, even compared against other Marvel films. Tom Holland embodies Spider-Man and is one of they keys to the success of the current “Spider-Man” franchise.

The infatuation with MJ (Zendaya) extends too long, and dragged on the film a wee bit.

For Marvel fans “Spider-Man” will please. If you are searching for a weekend movie this is a solid choice.

Plot: Mysterio (Jake Gylennhal) tricks Peter Parker/Spider-Man (Tom Holland) into handing over EDITH, which provides him with access to all of the Stark Industries technology. Spider-Man has to defeat Mysterio to regain control over EDITH.

EDITH is the glasses

Detail: The humor, as in the previous Spider-Man movies, is spread constantly over the film 2 hours and 13 minutes of screen time. The joking and playful Spider-Man is the one we all expect, and I laughed quite a bit. Happy (Jon Favereau) provides a recognizable transition between the Marvel films and is a key comedic figure. I profoundly enjoy Happy occupying a larger role in Marvel. The tapestry of humor is the key to Spider-Man’s success.

One of the main themes running through the film, is Peter’s pursuit of MJ. At first the infatuation was cute, but became obnoxious and overbearing. The obession angle became tiring after changing seats on the airplane. Thankfully, they transformed the relationship, at which point I enjoyed the couple more and the relationship added to the movie. MJ is a strong female character, which remains a scarcity for female characters today.

The story line behind the motivation of the bad guys may be the original, so for the ignorant, the twist was tons of fun. As the ultimate caper played out and the bad guys had assorted roles (including scripting and dialog). You couldn’t help but be entertained. The final actions sequences were extremely chaotic but fun. And how could you not enjoy the end as Spider-Man masters his “Peter tingle”.