Another Life – They Play This in Hell

Rating (1 out of 5)

Summary: I am a harsh grader, in that most shows never rank above a 3 out of 5. But I am also generous, in that I usually find something in everything I watch and rarely rate anything below a 2.5. “Another Life” is the worst show.

Caveat, my opinion is based solely on viewing two episodes (the first and the last). However, the horror of the first episode required two sittings to watch. The first episode quality is so low, that just staring at the seat in front of my on the remaining 1 1/2 hour airplane ride was more enjoyable than watching and/or listening to this TV show.

DO NOT WATCH (unless you want to watch the worst show ever).

Plot: An alien artifact lands on earth, and a team is sent on a deep space mission to where the alien artifact sends a message. Will the crew make it safely and what will they discover?

Detail: The dialog is horrible, the twist points and drama are mechanical. It was hard to take any part of the show seriously. Give me the National Geographic Mars story over this garbage. Here is an example of the terrible writing, they used the “Battle Los Angeles” plot line where a relative was serving under the new commander, and was killed under their command. OMG! seriously 90210 in space.

Oh yeah, and by the way. They waited until after they woke up months into the trip to start discussing their feelings. We couldn’t have had a little pow-wow on Earth first. No, no… we needed drama.

In the opening sequence, there numerous scenes where they would have had established protocols and guidelines on how to address specific situations. All of this was thrown out the window to allow the dynamics of the characters to flow through. The drama was turned up to 11, which utilimately hurt the show.

My example, is when the previous commander and Niko have a disagreement about her decision, the previous commander and his team revolt against her. After they take over command of the ship, and their grand idea of course fails, Niko must save the day. I was about to let it go, after all you do have to have some tension for a TV Show, until Niko and the commander had a show done. The show down is a fight and one of them is killed. Hint: it wasn’t the science fiction star. Once I hit this point I was done and decided to jump to the end to see if I missed anything.

The husband on earth is a gigantic panzy. When he and Niko were on hologram chat (the hologram chat was the highlight of the show), their sad sack routine sucked the energy from anyone watching. I literally felt my life force draining as these two people moped about their self inflicted choices. Don’t go next time, and send someone who wants to be there and has support from people on earth.

At first, I liked the idea of William (Samuel Anderson), the on-board AI. But then, skip ahead, they give William all the weakness of a human, and hardly any of the strengths of a computer. Spock, Data, Hal, are all great characters because they were intelligent and struggled to be human. William struggled to be an AI.

Shockingly, they left this open for another season. Please, God, hear my prayer, donate the money it costs to make this swill to the needy and less fortunate, rather than torture us with another season.