Glass – Like It, Hate It, Eh

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: “Split” was a pleasant surprise. It didn’t rely on M. Night Shyamalan hitting us with a big surprise. Unfortunately, he must of leveraged all his writing talents on that script, because he falls back to his old tricks again, which ruins “Glass”. “Glass” draws in the audience well at the beginning of the film, and I was glued to the screen watching what happens to Patricia/Dennis/Hedwig/The Beast/ etc. (James McAvoy), David (Bruce Willis) and Elijah (Samuel L. Jackson). Even the ending battle scene was entertaining. Then comes a weak ending, that was supposed to be a big surprise. Ultimately I felt disappointed.


Plot: David and The Beast are captured as they battle and taken to an asylum where Elijah is already housed. Dr. Ellie Staples (Sarah Paulson) wants to cure them of their delusions of grandeur. But Elijah has other plans.

Detail: This will soon be a drinking game because the word “Comic” is used at least 100 times. The movie pounds in the superhero concept and the relationship to the main characters. It was like the knights who say “Ni,” every time they said the word “comic,” it caused me severe pain and agony.

The first 3/4 of the movie were enjoyable. I wanted to know how it ended, which I think is always hard to do in a sequel. With all three of the main characters trapped in the asylum, I was curious to see how it progressed.


But as with most Mr. Shyamalan movies, he focuses more on adding a big twist than continuing to tell a fascinating story that he had built up over the previous hour and a half. SPOILER!! – Would the story have changed if we had been privy to Dr. Staples true intentions from the beginning? It might have made the movie better. We would have been rooting for Elijah and Hedwig because Dr. Staples is the real villain. I was not a fan of the secret organization, especially as I believe Elijah would have discovered the secret organization. It was lazy writing.

Finally, the ending was extremely lackluster. Again: SPOILER!!, the three related parties, Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy), Joseph (Spencer Treat Clark) and Mrs. Price (Charlayne Woodard) sit on the bench in the railway station, waiting for their exposing the existence of superhumans to hit the internet. All of a sudden there are dings on peoples phones, and they all stop to look. Gosh, even if you heard the ding, would you stop?

Also, if you had a secret organization, they might have some great hacker to prevent this mishap. It was a scene that basically invalidated the rest of the film. A rushed wrap-up, and a pretty lame reveal.

James McAvoy rocks in playing all the different personalities in the one character. He is the best part of the movie. Samuel L. Jackson is Samuel L. Jackson. I don’t know if there is a more consistent actor working today than Mr. Jackson. I always enjoy his performances, and this isn’t any different. Bruce Willis role was secondary compared to the other two, and therefore, I found his part forgettable.

Just another eh movie.