Ready or Not – Good or Not

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: If you watch “Ready or Not” with the correct expectation, then the movie is mildly enjoyable. I laughed at quite a few parts, and admittedly, I was laughing on my own at the theater. The movie has some dark moments, and they entertain. However, the movie is slow into the introduction, and then stalls at various points. The ending mildly entertained me, but the overall story wasn’t structured well to enthrall the audience.

Plot: Grace (Samara Weaving) has married into the Le Domas family. Their marriage ritual requires her to play a random game. She selects the “Hide and Seek” card. This card means she has must hide until dawn or be sacrificed so the family can maintain their fortune.

Detail: Samara Weaving has carved out a niche for herself in slasher films, with “The Babysitter”, “Ash vs Evil Dead”, “Mayhem” and now “Ready or Not.” Her gritty and touch character fights back against the family. Although, her screaming at the end of the film seemed inconsistent with her character and her battling to that part of the film.

SPOILERS!! I enjoyed the unintentional killing of the help during the night. Although, they I recommend they prolonging the joke a bit more, and include the butler as the last to die. Although I agree with my wife, that the all of the help should have been killed by the family members, and not an accident.

If you have a slight dark streak, then there are a number of humorous moments in the movie. For example, Grace beats up on the butler in the car. However, the only viewpoint you are provided is the families reactions as they watch her kick him over a FaceTime call. It is brilliant way to include violence without acting the violence on screen. The daughter Emile (Melanie Scrofano) was particularly humorous as she mistakenly kills the help. Her husband also added fun parts as he looks up how to wield a cross-bow on YouTube.

The movie introduction stretched too long. I knew what I came for, so let’s jump into the story already. Why did we spend so much time being lovie dovie? Had the lovie dovie been used more in the story line, then I would have understood, but it was tossed away.

The father, Tony (Henry Czerny) recounts marvelously the backstory behind the families fortune. Unfortunately, he falls short when they cover the rules. He said rules, like she can’t leave the property house, but she did nothing happened. Wish this part of the movie had been a little tighter. Also, Grace isn’t provided a clear explanation by the family of the rules of the game, which I wish had been more clear cut. If she wins, she inherits the entire family fortune but the family, including her husband will die. Her struggle between the two options, and his struggle with his family living versus her living, would have been a more provocative film.

Not a great film, but exactly what I expected.