Late Night – Don’t Stay Up

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: Interesting premise, awkward story development resulted in a subpar movie. The shame is there were funny, laugh out loud moments and decent performances.

Plot: An aging late night talk show host Katherine (Emma Thompson) is being forced out when a young eager, inexperienced writer Molly (Mindy Kaling) joins her team. Can Mindy help save Katherine and her show?

Detail: There are jokes spread throughout the movie that were funny. Was this a movie or an exceedingly long monologue by a talk show host?

Many parts of the story were rushed and underdeveloped. Here is an example: Molly’s adversary in the writing room is Tom (Reid Scott), who tried to maneuver his brother into Molly’s job. They are in constant conflict, then all of a sudden they are buddy-buddy. There was a lack of development here.

I am all for a Scrooge comeback story. However, for this writing theme to succeed well, Scrooge has to be the main character. The main character in this story is Molly. Katherine is a supporting character and a gigantic bitch. Why would anyone want to save her? She is mean, condescending, hypocritical. Basically a horrible human being.

Another failure in the movie is clearly portraying the shift in Katherine. They was never a clear demonstration of how she was a good person, then went mega-bitch to clearly articulate to us the audience that she was worth saving. As the move ends all of a sudden she is a sweetheart.

The extremely poor character development in this movie detracts from the entire movie.