Three Identical Strangers – Stranger than Fiction

Rating (4 out of 5)

Summary/Plot: Oh, this looks like a happy go lucky film about reunion of three identical brothers who were separated at birth and adopted by three separate families. But oh no! A sinister plot lays beneath the shiny reunion and reveals an ugly truth. The scariest part of “Three Identical Strangers” was the lack of remorse on by the scientists. If you wonder how Hitler came to power, you just have to watch documentary.

Details: The movie starts as one of the brothers describes how he found the other. Once those two found each other, how they were reunited with a third. You look at your watch, and wonder how did they make a full length movie about this. Slowly you notice the only interviewing two of the three brothers.

This is when they start to reveal the secrets about the adoption agency and the evil scientists who experimented on twins. The secret study and how the information has been locked away. The story borders on the unbelievable.

The interviews with the brothers, their wives and family are well done and the directors make all the brothers and family seem like good honest people. Their goodness is highly contrasted to the evil of the adoption agency and scientists. We did like the reenactments, especially the one where the parents went to the adoption agency to confront the agency.

The key for me was the interviews with the scientists. Why would these scientists agree to be on the movie? I am so puzzled and so scared by them.