Idiocracy – Idiotic

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: Great idea poorly executed. While at times funny the story meanders and you feel like an idiot after watching this movie. No, seriously I think I losses some brain cells. Why anyone considers this the best political comedy ever, is well, an idiot.

Plot: A young soldier (Luke Wilson) and a prostitute (Maya Rudolph) are frozen by the military cryo-chambers and forgotten. They wake up centuries in the future to find that the world is now populated by low intelligent people.

Details: The story is all over the place. There are mildly entertaining parts, such as when the army officials meet to proceed with the cryo-chamber experiment. Even when there is an entertaining segment, it’s over done. This came up in one of the in the first few scenes of the movie when the generals are discussing the experiment and the slides project has tons of pictures of the general partying with the prostitutes pimp.

I was bothered by some little things. I could never quite understand how they had technology that functioned well but no intellectual capacity to maintain the technology. For example, there is an energy drink that everyone consumes, but then fail to explain how they make it or how to disbursed. Who programmed the intelligence test that discovers him to being with.

As I mentioned, many people rave about this movie. I did read a review after watching the film, trying to understand what everyone enjoyed about this sucker. One negative review resonated with me. This movie is insulting to everyone. They poke fun at a “hilly billy” stereotype and in doing so, seem to suggest, for the sake of humanity we must purge these people. Secondarily, relate to the living conditions and life choices to intellectual capacity. Insulting those who really work hard for a living, but haven’t obtained the right opportunities. The people living in these mobile homes probably have significantly more intellect as the moron who made this movie.

When I think about this movie, I feel as if there were so many ways to improve the story without dumbing everything down.