I-Land – I-Terrible

Rating (1 out of 5)

Summary: I was curious and hopeful. Both of which I am sure will one day be my undoing. I was hoping for slightly less quality, a bit more Science Fiction “Lost”. What I received was a horrible and plodding mess. We tried 3 episodes and then just threw up our hands in defeat. Why do I have Netflix at all?  Do these shows represent the beginning of the end for Nextflix?  

Plot: 10 people wake up on a deserted island and can’t remember anything. Each wakes up with a unique item. Can they find a way off the island before they kill each other?


Detail: The character development and dialogue is shockingly terrible.  The first interaction between the two main characters to start the first episode is so horrible, that I should have stopped right there.  You immediately don’t like any of the characters, as they are all confrontational.  This is written like another horrible show “Another Life” where not one action or conversation seems rooted in any logic.

So in the first episode, we have the good looking jerk of an alpha male Brody (Alex Pettyfer) try to rape the main character Chase (Natalie Martinez). This jump from waking up confused to raping a fellow survivor all in one day was too much too fast.  I am sure this is designed all to accentuate some conflict quicker past episode three.  Writers and directors here is a small hint, you have to keep me interested so I keep watching past episode three. The development, the dialogue, just about every aspect of this script lacked subtlety or nuance.


Each action taken by the main character Chase is designed to isolate her or create conflict with another character.  At no point does she try to find common ground with anyone or consider the good of the larger group.  She is unlikeable, which as you well know from reading other posts, doesn’t work for me.  Maybe I-Land will improve in future episodes.  Frankly, I don’t care, so no.  I am done.