Wu Assassins – aWuful

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: The preview looked interesting and martial arts show with the dude from The Raid: Redemption; How could this go wrong? Oh, did I mention Netflix. Yep, somehow, what should have been a nice easy formula of a show is unadulterated dullness. This is the Highlander of the 2010’s, except maybe a notch below. I would pass.

Plot: A young chef, Kia (Iko Uwais), inherits the powers of the Wu Assassins. He must defeat the other elemental lords before they unite and take over the world.

Detail: When the characters are fighting, this show works well. The first episode gave me high hopes for the rest of the series. They introduce the characters quickly, but we are treated to a fun fight scene. After a while, you notice the fight scenes are thrown in to perk up the show, and the fights become redundant.

I am a big believer now TV shows should tell their story in six (6) or eight (8) episodes rather than ten (10) or twelve (12). Wu Assassins is tens (10) episodes, and after the first episode, each episode is drawn out and slow You have the feel, this was 4 episodes and they producers told them to make 10 episodes. The plot develops rather slowly and I became disenchanted with the show.

The special effects are the quality of any CW or SYFY show. While the effects are unimpressive in these types of shows, typically the story is paced fast enough to overcome the cheesiness of the effects. “Wu Assassins” story is boring, and you notice the effects are cheesy, further hurting the quality of the show.