American Vandal (Season 1 and Season 2)

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: At first “American Vandals” feels so real. Slowly, you notice a one or two things that are inconsistent, and you realize this isn’t a documentary. A well-conceived idea that is executed sufficiently to entertain the audience. The humor at times is a wee bit teenage low brow humor, but admittedly, I laughed. There also moments when the show turns serious and touches on some deep topics. With both seasons, I was annoyed with the lack of commitment to either humor or drama. My final comment would be is the show starts to drag trying to make 8 episodes. The slow pace and lack of commitment result in the 2.5.

Plot: Season 1 – A young man is accused of vandalizing (spraying painting penises on cars). Peter (Tyler Alvarez) and Sam (Griffin Gluck) produce a school documentary to find the truth.

Season 2 – A school is terrorized by the Turdburglar. Peter and Sam are invited by one of the students to help document the truth.

Detail: Penises and turds. You can imagine the material they dished out.. The show was at its best when it was trying to be serious but talk about those subjects. In the first season, they compare ways of drawing a penis, but the delivery was in a documentary style which made even funnier.

In Season 2, the interviews with the high school’s star basketball player was hilarious. As he talk about how special he was, and what role everyone has around him, more for him. He was serious but didn’t know how he was condescending to those around him. The show had nice moments like this spread throughout.

Other times the show flips to extremely serious subjects. For example, Peter and Sam realize that by revealing details about people’s lives to find the truth, they inadvertently hurt those around them. There is another section when the accused vandal of the first losses his girlfriend and doesn’t know what to do. The switch was often very dramatic, and not what I wanted.

There are other moments when the show slows significantly. At times it is obvious the show has been strung out to make eight episodes. Unfortunately, this protraction hurts the show and is one of the reason, I scored this below a 3.