Dolemite is My Name – OK is My Rating

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: An interesting biopic about Rudy Ray Moore. However, I was a little confused at times if the story was a biopic about him, or the production of the Dolemite film. Similar to other movies, about making movies, the process of creating a movie and what transpires is fascinating. Rudy’s creativity and persistence in creating his vision was remarkable. My problem is I cared less about the first 1/2 of the movie than the second half when Rudy made the movie. I wish I received more follow-up about those he recruited and other challenges he faced making the movie.

Plot: Rudy Ray Moore (Eddie Murphy) struggles with his comedy and signing act but persist and eventually begins establish himself. Then he has an idea to make a movie.

Detail: The making of the movie was very interesting, but would have loved more detail. Especially with how he and his friend group executed completing the movie. For example, Rudy and his crew search for a script writer. A short scene to find him and then we have the two minutes them writing the initial script. There had to be more screen writing challenges. I wanted more about these types of challenges in not merely the script but all aspects of the film.

While the history behind the man was fairly interesting and I felt the may have rushed in telling his story. This is the Godfather of Rap and someone who probably influenced Eddie Murphy immensely, deserved more. This would have been better done in a 3 part series. Pre Dolemite, Dolemite, post-Dolemite.

The overall pace of the film was slow. A good indicator of a really engaging movie is my wife. She fell asleep during “Dolemite is My Name” and this movie was one she picked, and she wanted to be good. While an amusing background story, it wasn’t unique enough to hold your interest.