Daybreak – Hodgepodge

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: This is a hodgepodge of ideas and concepts. Some of them thoroughly entertaining and energize the show. Then you are treated to a whole episode where you struggle to stay awake. I can’t really say I would recommend this to anyone other than myself and my daughter. Now we did finish the 10 episode series, which is surprising for a Netflix series.

Plot: In post-apocalyptic Glendale, California where no adults have survived. High schooler Josh (Colin Ford) searches for his high-school girlfriend Sam (Sophie Simnett) while trying to avoid ghoulies and the new tribes that have formed.

Detail: The story employs the technique of characters talking to the camera every episode. I appreciated how they utilized this technique. The story is also told through numerous flashbacks. A humorous “Lost” is what came to mind. The story layers the two techniques effectively.

The main characters each receive an episode to chronicle their back story. Each story designed to reveal the motivation about the character. RZA narrates Wesley’s (Austin Crute) episode as he attempts to evolve from footballer to samurai in the new world.

The love story background is where they lost my daughter and me. It was slow and lumbering, versus most of the other episodes. Also, it didn’t show the couple as good together. If they, hinted at the divergence, then this would have made the final episode more impactful. This slow episode was followed by flashbacks to Josh with his father as a kid. All of it really sucked the life of the series.

The final ending is what sends the series from maybe a 3 to a 2.5. I understand the two sides having a final climactic battle and the evolution of Josh to a leader, rallying everyone together. The episode is slow to develop because of the Josh/Dad flashback. But then you are treated to a nice flurry of battle scenes. But the then the final scene of the season ends Sam decides what her role will be in this new world, but that decision is consistent with all of her actions to that moment. That scene alone ruined what had been an alright show.

Why we shoot for 10 episodes, I am not quite sure? This could have been done in 8 episodes and would have been more entertaining. If you are from Albuquerque, NM, this is a must-watch to see how they transform many of the local sites.