Brittany Runs A Marathon – John Falls Asleep

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: I am pumped to visit my family for Thanksgiving to discuss the new generation of media focused on unlikable selfish characters that never develop. I wonder if my dislike for this film is a generational gap and need my son and niece to give me their opinion. I don’t see these characteristics in people I know in the generation portrayed. Brittany’s selfishness never disappeared. I was expecting a comedy to provide me a lot of laughs. After 1 hour and 44 minutes, the few laughs were restricted to one-liners and the slow pace made for a bored viewer.

Plot: Brittany visits the doctor to trick him to prescribing Adderall, but he informs her that she is significantly overweight and needs to lose weight. Brittany starts running and decides to run in the New York marathon.

Detail: I am sure there are tons of self-loathing, self-centered, selfish people out there like Brittany (Jillian Bell). I personally have a hard time empathizing with a character like this. Empathizing is even harder when the character doesn’t grow emotionally.

The one-liners Brittany throws out constantly are considers by many to be the highlight of the movie. Many of one-liners weren’t funny and/or preventing her from having a real conversation to grow the character. “Brittany Runs a Marathon” struggled with deciding if the story was a comedy or drama.

Brittany’s two friends were the best part of the film, and I wish they had larger roles. Catherine (Michaela Watkins) adapts to her single pre-divorced life and assumes the role of marathon coach for Brittany. My favorite scene with her was when she invited her art friends and running friends to the same party. I have attended parties where I am not douchey enough to be included in the conversation.

I also appreciated Seth’s role, as he started from a similar spot to Brittany. He definitely added much-needed humor to the storyline, although he wasn’t included nearly enough.