Marriage Story – So…That’s it…. So

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: I wanted to enjoy this film. Despite some humorous scenes I walked away bored. I am not a child of divorce and, knock on wood, I am not divorced. Maybe my lower than average rating for this film is because I find it difficult to relating to the two main characters. I can understand why others may adore this film, but for me it was a miss. I much prefer “Parasite” or “JoJo Rabbit”.

Plot: A couple Charlie (Adam Driver) and Nicole (Scarlett Johansson) decide to get a divorce, and we follow them through that process.

Detail: There are portions of the film that I thoroughly enjoyed. This plus the excellent casting of the supporting actors, Laura Dean, Julie Haggerty and Alan Alda made for some memorable moments. For example, there is a scene where Nicole has to serve Charlie with divorce papers, and she ropes in her mom (Julie Haggerty) and sister (Merritt Weber). The scene was humorous and realistic. I envision my family having this same discussion, if the situation happened to me.

I enjoyed this tone for the movie at first, but then the tone switched to a more serious nature. When they flipped to this mode, the whole movie dragged. When the humorous moments returned in the film, I definitely was more engaged.

Scott and I are on opposite sides of the fence on this movie. He loved the hotel yelling discussion, where my wife and I were fed up with Charlie and Nicole at that point. Scott loved when Charlie sings at the bar in New York; I wanted my time back.