Anna – Bananas

Rating (1.5 out of 5)

Summary: Has director Luc Besson forgotten his own movies, and thought we wouldn’t recognize this is basically “Le Femme Nikita” from 1990? The spice he added for this movie, was to add slew of twists. But the twists were moments after cuts in prior scenes that we didn’t view earlier in the film. Once was fine, but we were hit with a series of these. The best part of the film is the fight sequence in the restaurant from the previews. But hey, if you want to watch fight scenes and a more thoughtful plot, watch John Wick instead.

Plot: Anna’s (Sasha Luss) boyfriend is an abusive criminal. She seeks to improve her position and joins the KGB. She wants out but she is trapped in service and maneuvers to gain her freedom.

Detail: The movie starts out very “Le Femme Nikita”. She is in a bad situation and is in the car when her boyfriend breaks the law. At that point, she is recruited for service. They don’t spend time on the training of our heroine like in Nikita. Instead, we jump straight to her final test. She is asked to kill someone, but they don’t put bullets in the gun. Sound familiar?

That scene as Anna kills all the bodyguards in the restaurant was well choreographed. However, there were too many bodyguards and innocent people. The style of this scene was so similar to John Wick, that I was bored by the time it was done.

Of course, she finds herself trapped in the KGB, and all she wants is her freedom. Again, does that sound like a familiar plotline? The movie soon turns when a mission doesn’t go as expected, and she is forced to take a vacation. Upon her return, she is reenergized. They slowly reveal the secret conversations she had with the Americans during these periods.

Then she is about to kill the head of the KGB. Then we are shown conversations from previous points in the movie that she had with her boss in the KGB, Olga (Helen Mirren) about everything she was discussing with the Americans. Using this trick once was acceptable. Using it a second time was insulting to the audience and irritated me.

There is nothing new here. Just tricks out of a bag, that have all been used before.