The Mandalorian – Watch This

Rating (3.5 out of 5)

Summary: Rating “Star Wars” is always difficult. Separating the pure story from the “Star Wars” mystic can be difficult. I can say, “Mandalorian” unlike “Last Jedi” or “Rise of Skywalker”, is a definite must-watch for “Star Wars” dorks. Even if you came out of a cave for the first time in 40 years and didn’t know Star Wars, you would enjoy “The Mandalorian” story.

“The Mandalorian” provides all we wished for in the latest installment of “Star Wars” movies. The characters are constructed fully and the main character is developed more each episode. The episodes are well-paced, with an excellent balance of action and dialog. Plus, Baby Yoda is completely awesome and fabulous addition to the Star Wars chronicles.

Plot: The Mandalorian “Mando” (Pedro Pascal) is a bounty hunter. On a job, he rescues baby Yoda. Now he and the baby are being hunted.

Summary: Mando doesn’t take his helmet off, as it is part of the Mandalorian religion. The creation of their theology was a thoughtful touch, and showing the cadre of Mandalorians was great. It also helped establish Mando as a noble character.

There is no wonder I enjoyed the series because both Jon Favreau and Taika Waititi were involved. There is always an addition of humor in the shows which is what they both brought to the Marvel films. The scene between the two Storm Troopers who have captured Baby Yoda in their bag demonstrates the humor. The one Storm Trooper begs the other to look into the bag, while they wait for clearance. The exchange between the two troopers was humorous but absolutely real.

The other actors involved also helped support the show. Nick Nolte was great as Kuiil and the character was a great addition. Cara Dunne (Gina Carano) as the former rebel fighter delivers the strong female character we enjoy seeing in the “Star Wars” series. I like Gina in movies, because I know she is doing most of the moves herself.

“The Mandalorian” is a terrific addition to Star Wars and offers a little something for everyone. I am eager for the 2nd season.