Hunting Emma – College, Nay, High School Project

Rating (1.0 out of 5.0)

Summary: I do enjoy trying different movies even if they are a complete fail. I am glad I watched this 1 out of 5 to reset my benchmark for rating future movies. This movie has opportunities to be good but is bogged down attempting to be artistic instead of continuing with the action. The artistry was hokey and resembled a high school cut. The alignment of Emma’s training with her current struggles against the gang was good but was poorly executed.

Plot: Driving home to her dad’s place, Emma’s (Leandie du Randt) car breaks down. She accidentally witnesses a gang attempt to execute a police officer. She is caught by the drug runners but escapes. Can this pacificist stay alive?

Detail: Emma’s dad is an ex-special forces officer and has trained Emma since she was a little girl. Emma is now a pacifist and at first, refuses to strike. Under a more talented director, this would have been a masterful stroke. They tried. For example, reflecting on her training on a firing range, and her ability to shot the bad guys now.

This technique was underutilized in the end. The fight in the building could have been choreographed better to align with the training she had received. That part was getting beyond the realistic portion of the film. We need more trickery than outright hand to hand combat.

There was a scene where the blood is dripping down Emma and the blood drips onto the ground. The music changes and we isolate on Emma. This was some artistic nonsense that didn’t work with the film and was counter to the rest of the film.

The exploration of rich college kids gone bad was interesting, but never really explored. Had they aligned this with her training you could have had your “Die Hard” in the veld.