I Am Not Okay with This – No Seriously, I Was Not Okay with This

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: While the episodes are short, the story still takes its sweet time to evolve a classic set of high school characters. If you can’t guess the love twist from the very first minutes of the show, well then the sky is the limit for movies and TV shows for you, because it was obvious. We know we have a Carriesque moment, to explain her covered in blood from the first episode, so why do we need to wait so long to get there. A decent offering but slow.

Plot: Sydney (Sophia Lillis) is an awkward teen and is even more awkward when she discovers she has superpowers.

Detail: There should have been more learning of the superpower. The bowling alley scene was humorous and a nice first pass. We could have done with a couple of more of the training scenes.

Sydney was not particularly likable, which we know from previous posts, tends to be a problem for me. She blamed her mom for her father’s death and was simply mean to her mom. Her treatment of her brother and friend fluctuated, and I didn’t think she deserved them.

As far as writing, it was rather predictable. Even the love interest was rather transparent to the viewer from episode one. Surprise me. I know it is hard when everything has been written already but at least try. If next season sandman gray character is revealed to be the dad or relative, then this show really sucks.

The writers left the end open for another season. However, I don’t know if they established a strong enough plotline for me to continue watching.