Love Is Blind- OMG, So Horrible, So Gooood

Rating (1 or 5 just not sure – depends on the situation)

Really, this is the worst show ever, and the best show ever. I am embarrassed I watched “Love Is Blind”, and so very glad I watched it.

Here is the premise: 16 people participate in blind dates. The catch is The meet in pods that are connected so they can talk, but can’t see each other. The couples then get engaged without ever seeing each other. Hence the title “Love is Blind.” After their engagement, they vacation together, and then spend a couple of weeks back in the world, followed by a marriage ceremony.

The aerial view of the pods.

You can’t help but see how the couples might implode. There is something to be said about watching a train wreck. Jessica was the best to watch. You could see how it wasn’t going to work out. I could tell you what happened and you will still love/hate this show. The ride is worth it.

Now, with all reality TV shows, you have to wonder how much the individual people are being produced. I would watch Unreal to see how producers manipulate the participants on the show. The amount of drinking on the show was awesome, which you know was encouraged by the producers. Everything sounds good with a beer. Can you get beer ears?

Some of the couples make it all the way to the alter. They can say no all the way to they very end. A couple of them don’t. Obviously, the don’ts are much better drama than the do’s.

The worst part of the show is the music. Who picked these songs, they are horrendous. I am not exaggerating with how bad the songs are.

Admittedly, I lost brain cells while watching the show. This is the type of show that results in your going to the Bad Place (watch the “Good Place” to understand the reference). But in this day and age of shelter in place, this show will take your mind off it all for just a little while.