The Gentlemen – Just Another Guy Ritchie Film

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: If you have seen a Guy Ritchie film before, you won’t be too surprised how this works out. There are bad guys and worse bad guys. There is a storyteller, some bickering over wordplay, shoot outs, mistakenly killed people, and finally a reveal of sorts. Only this time, the dialogues aren’t as sharp or fluid. “The Gentelmen” is a decent movie, but I would watch “Snatch” or “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”

Plot: Michael(Matthew McConaughey) is a marijuana dealer in the United Kingdom. He has decided to sell his drug business and retire. While trying to sell the business everything goes sideways. This includes being blackmailed by private eye Fletcher (Hugh Grant).

Details: The story itself is fine. I liked the characters and their backstories. Guy Ritchie is a thoughtful writer. If he includes someone obtaining an item, remember it, that item will return later as a key element in the story. While this is part of his charm, you know it is coming. Admittedly, I enjoyed the scene.

Guy Richie must have loved Agatha Christie. The last 20 minutes, inevitably includes elements the viewer didn’t know to create a twist. “The Gentlemen” is no different. You know there was more to come, and there was something key we hadn’t been shown. Maybe Guy Ritchie and M. Night Shyamalan can work together, and add some originality to each other’s scripts.

Don’t ask, but Colin Farrell was pretty good in this role.

Everything about this movie is adequate and nothing more. If you have gone through all the classics and watched early Guy Ritchie films, maybe come back to this one. But don’t rush, not even for Mr. Longhorn (Matthew McConaughey).