Bad Boys for Life –

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: “Bad Boys for Life” (BBFL) is the third installment in this series. Much like “The Gentleman”, if you watch one of the previous Bad Boys, then you know what will happen in this story. While Martin Lawrence and Will Smith look their age, Martin Lawrence impressively embraces his age in the role. The movie isn’t a 3 because it is 15 minutes too long and they have a “Luke I am your father” moment. Overall, an entertaining film, worth $9.99, not $19.99.

Plot: Mike (Will Smith) and other justice personnel are being hunted by a killer, seeking revenge for his drug kingpin father. Can Mike talk Marcus (Martin Lawrence) from retiring to take down the bad guy?

Detail: The new young crew known as the AMMO team adds humor to the film. I wanted more of their young versus old interaction because they refreshed the concept. For example, when Mike couldn’t get into the club, but Rafe (Charles Melton) had already gained entry. Oh, I foresee a Bad Boys 4 – The New Kids where Marcus and Mike act as mentors.

Marcus brings the humor to offset the non-stop intensity of Mike. Mike’s righteous all-in attitude really is tiring. Also, when everyone has their moments of self-reflection looking over the water slows the film. These scenes are unnecessary.

There was an odd scene where Mike is talking to Captain Howard (Joe Pantoliano) at a basketball game where he narrates a bizarre Buddhist tale. The whole scene presumably to establish a connection for when the Captain is assassinated.

The final battle scene had some good points. The young kids helping out being one of them. The helicopter might have been one step too far for me, and I was action exhausted at that point.

If you need some easy watching in these Shelter in Place days, this fits the bill. But don’t put it high on the list.